Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love the camera, love me

I have to admit that I have been a bit camera shy the past year and a half or so. Well, maybe I've always been a little camera shy (except when I was living in Russia and going through Europe, then I wanted all the pictures of me the camera could handle). But here on this blog I'm embarrassed that most of the pictures I use are old. Including all the profile pictures I have up. This is partially because they are the only ones of just me that I have, and partially because I'm still not completely comfortable with the way this new me looks in photos. So instead you have been viewing things like:

Circa 2005

Circa 2008

Circa 2006

I know. I'm ashamed. So this last Sunday I finally got fixed up and recruited my beloved to take pictures. He's seen it all, so maybe this wouldn't be so bad. At first it was a little rough:

But after a little while I warmed up to the camera. Maybe a little too much?

And then it got silly:

What can I say? I suffer from not being able to take these things seriously. But we did finally manage to get some real shots that are actually somewhat decent. So now, dear readers, I am enlisting your help. I need to pick a new profile picture for here and elsewhere. Please vote and leave your sweet comments (hint hint:) in the comments section, or send me an email, facebook message, or tweet letting me know your favorite.

A: The half smile.

B: The full smile.

C: The I'm-getting-away-with-something look.

D: The glamor move.

E: The lounge char.

E: The close-up (maybe too close).

To the polls. Or something of that nature. And thanks for your help. I'm in need of it. This is sort of a big break through for me. You know, the whole showing myself to the world (and possibly people who knew me before the weight gain). But I'm excited to finally have gotten up my courage.

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