Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Vote is In

It's been over a week, and it is time to unveil the results of the voting. It was close between two pictures. The close up and the glamor move.

But all the pictures received multiple votes except for the one where I'm sitting in the chair. There were even a few votes for this one:

My all time favorite comment was this:


Melanee, D- the glam shot is a beautiful photo, but taking into account the name of your blog etc. I hope you pick the shot that best reflects who you are and what you love about you. Enjoy being there for your cutie- I've got to get back to mine! 

I love this. Thank you Annathea. And thanks to all who voted. The one I think is most me is probably this one:

But I'm going to save it for a special surprise I have brewing. You see, my blogaversary is June 9th. Right around the corner. And I have a something special in mind for that. But in the meantime here are the results.

Coming in second place is this one:

And coming in first is this one:

I'll be using both. Thanks for helping me pick a new pic. You guys are the greatest. Stay tuned for more.