Wednesday, October 6, 2010


While we are on the topic of my religion I would like to say a few more things. I am ashamed to admit that I have been rather shy about saying anything concerning my beliefs because I didn't want anyone to feel alienated when they came here. But I'm afraid that this has been ruining the authenticity of this blog.

You see, my beliefs about God and our mortal existence are enormous factors in this little journey of mine. I doubt I would ever have really taken this challenge to like myself seriously if it weren't for those beliefs, and I'm sure I wouldn't be succeeding as well without them.

Let me explain. I believe in a Heavenly Father who is the literal father of my spirit. I believe He is also the creator of my body. Not only did He create my body, but He created it in His own likeness. In other words, God has a body and my body is like His. Or to be more accurate, my body is like my Heavenly Mother's body because I believe I have one of those also.

I also believe that the reason I have this body is to house my spirit. Together my spirit and body become my soul. I believe that my soul is a beautiful creation of God. And though this creation is not yet in it's perfected form, it is beautiful and a masterpiece of Deity.

So, when I put down this body, I am in turn putting down a creation of God. And when I try to manipulate my body to look like something that is unrealistic I am telling God that I do not like my body or His and that I can do it better. This body I have been given is a gift from God. It is one that I need to take care of. When I treat my body with respect by choosing to be healthy then I show God respect and love. By taking care of myself and loving myself I am showing God that I am thankful for the masterpiece He created and allowed me to have.

I also believe that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me dearly. He loves me for who and what I am. I know that my Heavenly Father wants me to be happy and to see me the way He sees me. So when I struggle I know that if I pray I can feel His love for me, and He can help me to know that I am special and someone worthy of love.

I understand that some of these beliefs are a little strange for some. If you would like me to tell you more I would be more than happy to share, just let me know. But regardless of your relationship with God, if you do believe in a God, wouldn't you say that all things created by Him are beautiful? And if that is so, aren't you?


Teresa said...

Well said, Melanee! Oh, and just wondering, how are your workouts at the gym going? I went 3 times last week, and 3 times so far this week with plans to go 2 more times. I'm doing weights/cardio on MWF and just cardio on TH. Loving how it's making me feel. I still take a nap in the afternoon, but only because I want to now, not because I have to!

Camille said...