Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unsightly Armpits

I'm off to Women's Conference at BYU lately. Thus the no posts. I had vowed quite solemnly that I would never attend Women's Conference. Just goes to show that we often eat our words. When I was a student at BYU I despised Women's Conference. Hoards of women EVERYWHERE! I was even late to class a few times because I couldn't get through the throngs. And here I am, excited for my first experience as an attendee. It is my personal mission to make sure that I make at least one student late for at least one class.

Anyway, since I'm gone today I thought I'd send you on over to Voice In Recovery where I have written a love letter that you will want to be sure to catch.


 Oh. . . And because it's the weekend, and because I got a kick out of this video, I hope you enjoy it as well. I think anyone with armpits can appreciate this: