Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back-Up Plan

We have had a series of unfortunate events the last few weeks at the Dahl House. One of which involved our favorite furry friends, Sandy and Charlie. We have been having trouble keeping them contained ever since we moved here, but they finally crossed the line. They killed the neighbor's turkey and some other large bird (we still don't know who it belonged to). So, it was time to part ways. I have been sad and heart broken about it. Still, ever since we had Cormac I really haven't been spending as much time with them and they are probably happier with new families. But I do miss them from time to time. I sure did this morning.

Every morning when Cormac wakes up I bring him in bed with me to feed him his bottle. It gives us both a chance to wake up a little more slowly. Ammon is usually already gone to work when we do this. This morning Ammon had left as usual and about a half hour later I had Cormac snuggled up to me in bed when I heard the front door open and close. I assumed it must be Ammon. He must have forgotten something. But still... what if it wasn't Ammon? My mind started to race. My plan in case of break-in has always been to somehow get Charlie in between me and whoever is breaking in. My dogs may have been spazy, but they loved me and would protect me. But I no longer had a Charlie. I panicked. I didn't know what to do. I kept looking to see if Ammon would come around the corner. Rather than do anything active I just stayed in bed.

Then the doorbell rang. ? I carefully left Cormac tucked in bed and cautiously walked to the door. I peeked around the corner only to see a lady in a short pink bathrobe  standing at the door. My first thought was that she used to know Preston (the previous owner of the house) and must have just walked in. When she realized it was no longer his home she bolted and then decided to find out where he was. Wrong. She was looking for a pool a friend of hers told her she could swim in. I had no idea what to tell her, but since we are pool-less I sent her on her way.

Once again my first thought through all of this was that I needed my dogs back. But since that isn't really a likely option I need to come up with a back up plan. Want to hear the really scary part? Ammon locked the door before he left this morning and yet this woman walked right into our house. I guess our first line of action will be a trip to the Home Depot tonight to invest in some better door knobs and locks.

I miss you Sandy and Charlie.

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