Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Soap Box-Part 2

Some of my dear friends and me in Russia. In case you are wondering, no the Jane talked of in this post is not pictured, 
but I do love each of these girls dearly as well.

I had and have a dear, dear friend in my life. I just adore this woman. We have been through a lot together. It's always funny to me how you can have certain friendships that can pick up right where they left off even when it has been a long, long time. You can be confident then that this is a true friendship. That's how it has been with this woman. For her privacy and protection we will call her Jane.

Once upon a time in Jane's life she dated a real loser. Well, to be perfectly honest she dated two in a row. They both used her badly. She even relocated for one. She changed her entire life to be with him and then he left her. Jerks! Both of them. Poor Jane was miserable. She was convinced that she would never find someone who cared about her as she was. She would never be happy in a relationship.

I was outraged by this entire event. How could anyone mistreat my dear friend. I sincerely believed that no one deserved to be so mistreated. No one. Especially not someone that I cared about so much. It was unjust and unfair.

Being defensive about our friends feelings is something that comes very natural to most people. I can't stand to watch someone I love get hurt. It eats me up inside. If I could fix it I would. Jane and I had a lot of long talks. I kept reiterating to her what a wonderful person she was. I don't know if anything I said helped, but I knew I had to try. I had to make her believe that she was beautiful and special. I had to do at least that much for Jane.

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Rustam Iralin said...

that was in Russia!! I miss those times.. ahhwww!