Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I hope you all remembered to wear green today. I haven't gotten dressed just yet, but when I do I'll be sure to get some green on my person. No pinching me. I thought I'd share a few fun things with you today to help you celebrate the day.

First off, be sure to read up on St. Patrick's day with this article that summarizes it quite nicely.

If you haven't seen this already you need to watch it. No, it has nothing to do with St. Patrick's day, but I love it. So incredibly cute. It'll make you feel lucky (or maybe not, but I'm trying to stick with the theme, work with me here).

Speaking of luck, today on Positively Present there is a wonderful post on creating your own luck and living a more positive life. I really love this one.

If you are looking for something green to eat today check out this guacamole recipe from Health for the Whole Soul. And while you're there enjoy this cute poem about self acceptance.

The wonderful Joy at Being Joy talks about coming out of hiding. I love this video because I feel like this is one of the things I'm trying to accomplish on this blog. Take a minute to watch it.

After you watch that check out Curvy Yoga for a few thoughts on weight loss.

While we are on the subject of weight loss, I love, love, love this article on Weightless about health magazines, so eloquent. And while you are there read about true beauty. This is a really inspiring post.

Then to finish it all off I would like to refer you to The Beauty of Different to celebrate differences.

And back to the theme. This little guy isn't Irish, but his name, Cormac, is.

And he makes me feel lucky. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

P.S. Need a good movie? Watch The Fantastic Mr. Fox. HilARiOUs.

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Thelma said...

We love Fantastic Mr. Fox around here!