Friday, July 2, 2010


Wow! Since I've announced this new blog the response has been overwhelming. I am embarrassed that I was so hesitant to share. Let me tell you a secret. I used to be rather judgmental. I didn't understand people who struggled with weight and health issues since I had never gone through it. I never liked myself and I was so hard on others as well. I get it now. I was scared of one day having to deal with those things myself, and so I tried to make it seem as if those people were in the wrong. Now I get it.

The last few years have been such an eye opening experience for me. I am ashamed of how I used to judge myself and others. I feel as though I needed my eyes to be opened and that is one of the reasons I've been asked to struggle with some of the things I struggle with. I was so scared to share because I was afraid of other's judgement. Now I see that I'm not alone in this boat.

Good news. We are in this together. We all need support. I know I do. I am humbled by your responses. Thank you for making me feel special and beautiful. Let's help each other. Please visit often. Please share your thoughts, experiences, and comments. Together we can improve our quality of life. If nothing else, perhaps one day we can all look in the mirror and say, "Wow, that is one beautiful person."

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Chris said...

wow mel, i think that what you are doing is awesome. you are a beautiful and amazing woman, and this only reinforces that. good luck on your journey, we are all here with you!