Monday, July 12, 2010

This week's Challenge

Well, first of all I will tell you how I did last week. Not so great. I totally and completely forgot all about saying nice things in the mirror on two different days. So that was bad. I had read somewhere that saying nice things in the mirror out loud was therapeutic. That's why I thought I should try it. Honestly, I just felt like a moron. So, I guess that one isn't for me. If it worked for you I think you should keep it up. This is about finding what works and what doesn't for every individual person.

For this next week I have decided that I need to focus my attention on being better to my body. Life gets so busy and even though I intend to work out each day it just doesn't happen. So, this week it is my challenge to work out 6 days this week for at least 30 minutes each day. I think that making this commitment will help me feel better about myself, because at least I'm trying after all. I also think it will help me sleep at night so that my body can heal; something I desperately need right now.

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I have always had a dream of running a marathon or participating in a triathlon. Right now there is no way I could do either, but I believe that eventually I could get there. So, this week's challenge is to work out 6 times a week, but this challenge does not end with this week, even though I will have a new challenge next week. The ultimate challenge will be to participate in some sort of race. Anybody want to join me in training for something big?

So here goes. Lace up those shoes and get moving. How did you all do last week?


Keira Garrett said...

I am SO in! I have been determined to train for a marathon for awhile, and started doing it with my sisters, but they had already trained for months before I started, and so I was way behind, and eventually gave up. so depressing. We can do it together. So much more fun when someone else is doing it with you, and hurting right along with you. I am determined to work out 6 days, even if it kills me. Feel free to write or call me and see how I am doing, and I will do the same. Its harder for me to let someone else down, than just letting down myself. So here goes a good week......

behoxer said...

Okay! I did a good job with this today. I started the P90x workouts, plus went on a walk/jog with my hubby and baby! Keep writing; it keeps me motivated! By the way, I did a horrible job with last week's challenge. We'll do better this week! :)

Chelsea said...

Ok so i did a horrible job as well really i completely forgot about it :( But I will try as much as I can do be right there with you for the working out part :) I need so badly to get motivated I also wanted to let you know that i am slowly staring to feel a little bit better with all this new medacine and I still feel like myself:) which is wonderful!! i also registered for college to get my esthetics license i am not ready to be away from my babies but I am praying that by the grace of God i will physically and emotionally be able to do this it is a big step in my life and i feel up to the challenge!! thanks for all the encouragement you truly are amazing girl!! keep up the wonderful work!!