Thursday, July 22, 2010

Relationships-Fat Friends

What are the knots that hold you back? If you look in your life you will find many. I want to explore some of those knots. I think that often time people can be knots.

When I was in high school I had a leader tell me that he would "be my fat girl." We were just joking around, but he said he would stand next to me at the next event and be my fat girl. Huh? He explained that he believed all girls have a friend that they know is fatter or uglier than they are. They have this friend so that they can be the better choice. At the time I thought that was hilarious, but it has stuck with me.

It makes me ask myself if I'm someone's fat friend. Are you? What kinds of people are we surrounding ourselves with? I have thought about this a lot and realized that in the past in my life there have been people in it that were perhaps not the best. We need to be surrounding ourselves with people who want for us the same things we want for ourselves. We need to be with people who want us to succeed. We need to be with people who think we are beautiful as we are.

On the flip side, do we have fat friends in our own life? Are we hanging on to someone like that? Because I think that is probably even more detrimental. Not only to the friend but to us. Think about it for a second. If you need a fat friend what does that say about you? Well, for starters you probably aren't happy with your appearance and feel the need to have a way to make yourself feel better. Not good. What a terrible way to boost our self esteem.

I think it is time to look into our lives and assess the people that we are spending our time with. Do they uplift us? Do we uplift them? Do they want what is best for us and we want the same for them? Relationships with people are so important. Let's make sure that the relationships we are in are the best kind on both ends. Stop having fat friends and start looking inside. We should truly care and love our friends from the inside out and know that they care for us too. No more basing our relationships on outside appearance. That will get us nowhere. Get rid of this knot and we may just find that learning to like ourselves gets a bit easier.

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Anonymous said...

Melanee, you inspire me. Thanks for helping me look inside my own mirror.
Love you tons.
Aunt Jen.