Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-day or Single Awareness Day

Picture from my apartment in Russia. The group I was with decorated with black and had a little celebration for ourselves on Valentine's day.

Valentine's day seems to be a day that puts people on very opposite sides of the spectrum. If you are in a relationship it can be wonderful. And if you aren't it seems like a rather rude reminder that you have no one to love. Am I right?

But I think we should broaden our horizon a little. I think Valentine's should be a day to spread love all over. I think a good start is letting your family and friends know you love them.

Okay, now that you've done that, spread the love to a stranger. That's the entire purpose behind Operation Beautiful. And for Valentine's they have provided these cute signs that you can print and distribute.

I think one of the best ways to feel better about ourselves is to help others. So spread the message that everyone is beautiful. It might be just the thing you need to make you feel that way yourself.

Lastly, I think everyone should spend a minute on themselves today. Let yourself know you are worth it. Have you been saving something for a special occasion? Or maybe for when you are thinner and deserve it? I know I have. Make today that day. Make it a day to celebrate being you. I have a collection of wonderful smelling soaps and lotions that I have been saving for when I'm thin. I know, this is stupid. So today I'm going to bust out my favorites and pamper myself a little bit during nap time. That might not be your thing, and that's okay. But find something that you like. Something that will make you feel special and beautiful. Then indulge. You are worth it. And today, on the day of love, you should make sure to show a little love to yourself.

These suggestions aren't just for the single, by-the-way. When you aren't busy staring into the eyes of your beloved, and savoring the most decadent chocolate take a minute to share the love.

Now, to all my dear readers: I love you and think you are all wonderful and beautiful. Have a wonderful Valentine's day and know that you are indeed loved.

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