Friday, February 25, 2011

The weekend's cut out

This morning my husband came in to kiss me goodbye (and awake) later than usual. I asked if he was running late. He was. But not because he slept in like I had thought. He had to plow us out. NO! Plow us out? I looked outside to behold a winter wonderland.

My back yard truly is amazing and beautiful. But I am done with snow. Snow is such a wonderful thing. . . in December. Cormac was having fun until he fell on his bum (perhaps because he was wearing about 4 layers of clothing and couldn't walk well in that deep snow?) Then he wasn't so sure about all of it.

So this weekend is going to be wet. Check. But this weekend is also going to be busy. Yesterday I spent the entire day texturing our kitchen. Today I begin painting. Soon, very soon, the kitchen will be done (well, other than the floor, but if it were really all the way done I don't know what we'd do).

My boys have been hard at work. Now it's my turn I suppose. We take safety very serious around here, but that's no reason to not look super awesome. Thus the safety glasses that are also super cool shades.

So we have the kitchen. And because of the kitchen project the house is trashed. Not just a little messy, but trashed. I need to wipe down the walls and vacuum off the furniture because of all the dust we've created in here. That kind of nasty. So I also have that to do. (Wow, two paragraphs in a row without a side note in parenthesis, sort of.)

Then, because we really aren't very busy, we are doing a huge project in my husband's shop. We are transforming the entire building. But this one is a surprise for you (and others), so I won't  tell you anymore just yet.

With all the things I'm working on this weekend my brain is overwhelmed. So rather than write you a really provocative or inspiring post I'm going to leave you to get to work. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe on the roads if it's snowing where you are too.


Thelma said...

I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your kitchen when you two talented people get finished with it. Maybe I'll see it in person in April?

Sarah said...

good luck this weekend. and i like your post below as well. being nice to yourself will take you places. you will love it!

The Martha Complex said...

Those pictures of the snow are beautiful! The first one looks like a postcard.

Brandon, Eliza, Annie & Ethan said...

I feel the same way about the snow. I love it but get real tired of it in Feb. I cannot believe that with how much fell it's all gone for now!