Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The New Chapter

To start, I had the test yesterday. It went well. And everything looked good. We are still waiting for the results from the biopsy, but we are pretty confident that everything will be just as it should be. On one hand this is a relief. I'm glad my body is healthy. On the other hand this is still rather frustrating to not know what causes my constant pain and fatigue. There is a bright side though, and that lies in the fact that I know how to make myself feel better this time around.

With feeling better in mind I have once again embarked on my elimination diet. I want to do this over again for two reasons: 1. I need to figure out what the exact food trigger is. 2. I need a detox in my diet to get me back on track. I love the idea of spending a month just eating things that are good for you. I love not putting anything in my body that is harmful. An entire month devoted to just that. It not only nourishes your body, but it nourishes your mind. It forces you to create a relationship with yourself that is powerful and positive.

So, as I was thinking about this diet I thought I'd mention a similar diet that is much less intense, but could offer very similar benefits if you are interested. Over at Whole Living they have a 28 day detox program that I love. I would have done theirs if I weren't also needing the elimination part to figure things out. Their program takes into consideration not only what you eat, but also guides you through a workout program as well as some mind exercises. I'm going to  add these last two parts to my own program this time around. Today is day 1 for me, but if you want to join me, please let me know you are going to do a program too and we'll support each other; even if we aren't on the same exact days.

Here I go again. I am excited about today and the future. I'm going to start making more of an effort to nourish myself both in body and mind, starting today.