Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 11

I apologize for not posting more last week. On Thursday my little one crawled into my lap, laid his head on my chest, and just sat there for a good half hour. The rest of the night he would start doing something, get sad, climb in my lap, and just lay there. He also stopped eating. So Friday morning we went to the doctor. Poor boy has an ear infection, so I have been up late at night and been needed all through out the days. I love all the cuddle time, but I sure miss my chipper, energetic little friend.

If that wasn't bad enough my poor hubby came down with something awful on Saturday as well. So I have been nursing everyone back to health this weekend.

Why do you care? Well, the exciting news is that I am usually the first to come down with anything that goes around in this family. I have had a minor headache and sore throat, but other than that I have been the picture of health. I am thrilled. I attribute it all to my healthy diet I've been on.

I was talking with my sister last night about this diet, and I was telling her how much fun I am having learning how to cook in a whole new way and with different foods. It has been thrilling. And I don't like to cook much. But there are few things more satisfying than taking a bite out of something that took you all day to make, but you know with every single bite it is nothing but ridiculously healthy for you. I love it.

So, how am I doing on Day 11? Great. I think about food a lot less. My cravings are easing up. My pain is all gone in my legs, almost gone in my feet, and reduced in my back. I do have more energy (I would have even more if I wasn't up all night rocking a sick baby), and I am just pleased as punch that I have stuck to my guns this time.

Life is good. And so is Lemon and Lentil soup, if you want the recipe just let me know, it is so, so, so good.

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