Thursday, September 16, 2010

A new thing for me

I'm afraid I haven't much to say today. As my family might tell you, that's a rare thing. I've always got plenty to say. Usually too much to say. But today I'm blank.

Today I am going to go and work on some projects for my house. Every Fall I get anxious about getting things done on my house. This year is no different. I am making drapes and decorations and things for little Cormac's upcoming 1st birthday. Crazy. I also need to get into my yard. There are pears that need picking off the 6 trees that we have. I think some of the peaches are ready as well. I need to do some weeding and cleaning up. I need to tape, mud, texture, and paint my bathroom. The kitchen ceiling needs attention. Ah, lots to do. I love Fall.

So I think I'll go get to work. Oh, and today is Day 1. So far so good. I am only allowed green drinks today. Which I happen to like pretty well, although I do get tired of them from time to time. I have been wanting a sandwich, but I think once I get busy I will get over that. Still feeling fine. This first week should get pretty ugly though. We'll see.

Have a happy and productive Thursday.


Jennifer said...

What constitutes a green drink? I make green smoothies for my kids, but that's got lots of stuff inside to make it not taste so spinach-y.. which may defeat the purpose you're after. Are you just drinking spinach? How about green Gatorade? :) Either way, I'm praying for you. That sounds very hard to me, but you're tougher than I am. Good luck!!

Thelma said...

If you give me some pears I will make you some gingerbread pear upside cake (after your 28 days of course).


Jennifer said...

Thelma, if I give you pears will you make me a gingerbread pear cake? I've never heard of such a combination, but it sounds good.

Melanee, we're loving the pears we got from you. Isaiah has been gorging himself on them.

Hope you made it through your green drink day.