Friday, September 10, 2010


Today I am happy. I don't know why. I'm just really happy. I have a lot of energy which is a rarity these days. I got a lot done this morning. That always makes me feel good. And I'm about to start some new craft projects, which always energizes me. 

So I think I would like to share with you something exciting that happened to me today. I went out of my house like this:

That's right folks. I went to Costco and JoAnn's without any make-up, with my hair slicked back, and in need of a shower. So maybe that's not that big of a deal, but here is the exciting part: I didn't feel self-conscious. In fact, I didn't even remember that I didn't have make-up on until about halfway through my Costco run. It made me smile that it hadn't bothered me. I finished the shopping trip without feeling awkward without my make-up and am thrilled to say that I feel great. 

So while I know for a fact that I haven't "arrived" by any means, I am making progress. You want to know what else is strange. I kind of like this picture of me. How odd.

Have a wonderful weekend. We'll talk more on Monday.

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Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

I LOVE this picture of you! I love that you went to Costco and Joannes sans makeup/shower. You probably fit right in with all of the other moms (at least moms that are like me and only put make up on for church on Sunday..hahaha)